Sponsorship of Inverurie Loco Works F.C.

Argosy have been proud sponsors of Inverurie Loco Works F.C. since 2014.

“The aim of Inverurie Loco Works F.C. is to build and nurture a successful and sustainable community focused football club, competing at the highest level in the game. As a club, we aspire to excellence in all that we do and work in consultation with staff, players, supporters, charity and community partners to maintain the highest standards of performance in everything we do. We actively seek and nourish relationships with all our charity, good cause and non-profit making partners and we encourage participation in all our activities regardless of gender, ethnicity or disability. The club is run by a committee, as we are not a limited company, so who we work with and our expenditure is crucial to us. The club is a multiple winner of the SFA Community Engagement Award. This award recognises and pays homage to our extensive outreach and Interaction with a vast array of charities and good causes. The club also employs a community coach in partnership with the local sports club and works full time on developing fitness regimes for all ages ranging from schoolchildren through to residents in care homes. Over the last five years we have donated hospitality packages to charities to auction at events with all the proceeds going to them, the figure raised through this process is £138,000, a staggering amount for a club of our present stature. During COVID we delivered food parcels to numerous vulnerable families over the school holiday months and raised over £15,000 for NHS organisations.

This is just some of what we do, but we could never do it without the help and assistance we get from Argosy, both financially and morally, they stand alongside us at all times, shy away from publicity, which in itself, shows the quality of the company and the type of people who run it. They share our values and we and the community are so appreciative of all they do.”

Mike Macaulay

Inverurie Loco Works F.C.

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Main photograph provided by Kevin Taylor - Inverurie Locos Works F.C. offical photographer

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