Argosy Control Engineering has been supplying engineering solutions for over 30 years. Our success has always been closely tied with our customers, as we work with them to deliver solutions to their challenges.

Argosy’s founder Peter H Watt established the company in 1992 where the business was set up to serve Aberdeen’s thriving oil and gas community, providing services to original equipment manufacturers.

Operating in the demanding oil and gas industry required drive, determination, focus and experience. These qualities continue to be the baseline of the Argosy Control Engineering team, with the addition of humility and a bit of humour thrown in too.

Through the investment in people and equipment, Argosy Control Engineering increased capacity and added to our service portfolio, to include the application of specialist surface treatments.

Our expertise

We are specialists in delivering one-stop-shop solutions to multiple coating challenges on complex geometric components. We are experts in all aspects of surface treatments and engineered coatings that we offer.

We work with the most experienced engineers and laboratories, which have advanced technical knowledge in coating manufacture. This allows us to deliver the latest coating technologies, to meet the increasing demands of the changing environment.

Quality of service

Using quality approved and certified products from reputable international approved suppliers is an integral factor in the quality of the service we provide.

Working to military and industry standards, customer detailed specifications alongside our internal procedures and stringent process controls, allows us to focus on uncompromised quality.

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