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June 6th 2022

The long-awaited launch of Argosy’s first ever website is taking place 7th June 2022 and it’s thanks to David Nicol and his amazing team at NB Communication.

To address the sustainable future of the company and drive the next generation in to a positive marketing position we approached NB Communication to assist with building a website.

David persuaded us that it was not just a website we needed but a ‘brand’ and a marketing strategy, he wasn’t wrong!

Starting from scratch with a brand workshop and brand design before going on to the website project, he brought our team together to take part and have their say, it was a truly enlightening experience and very enjoyable and productive.

Our roots are very important to us, and NB Communication were respectful of this, the new brand reflects our heritage while being modern and dynamic.

While the website is very technical to address our services, it was important that the rebrand recognised our team as it is the people who deliver and take pride in the unrivalled service Argosy provides to our customers.

NB Communication provided a professional, friendly and attentive service with great attention to detail, the whole team have been wonderful in every aspect of the design and build of this website their patience along with their tenacity made it a pleasure to collaborate.

I would highly recommend NB Communication to anyone thinking of taking that next step in to marketing you will be in safe, professional hands.

My sincere and grateful thanks to NB Communication for a great experience.

Karen Kelly-Watt, CEO

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