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Training on new brush plating machine

April 14th 2022

Following the purchase of new machinery, five members of staff carried out training on the Sterling Brush Plating machine in the application of copper for anti-galling.

The training programme was an intensive theory and practical course delivered by Sterling Brush Plating Technology PTE. Ltd

This training would normally have taken place in situ or in Singapore but as ever the pandemic made it necessary to think outside the box for resolve.

With the help of DMC Technology, training was facilitated in both the classroom and workshop through the platform of Microsoft teams and various computers, TV’s and audio equipment.

The training went extremely well with the commitment of both the Argosy and the Sterling teams and Certificates were awarded to all five staff members following successful completion of the practical tests.

Argosy would like to thank the staff at Sterling Brush Plating Technology PTE. Ltd for the excellent training provided and the camaraderie and support of the team.

We would also like to thank DMC technology for their commitment, professional assistance and tenacity to resolve an IT challenge.

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