We offer a range of surface pre-treatments to improve corrosion resistance of your components and increase their lifespan.

The pre-treatment of the component is critical to the coating system and subsequent performance.

There are several pre-treatments available and they are selected in accordance with the substrate and the final specification.


Removal of previous coatings by physical or chemical methods.


This procedure is widely used in the refurbishment of tools and allows the customer to examine their asset, saving time and money.


Cleaning of components by thermal, chemical or physical methods.


Phosphate conversion coatings are used to improve corrosion protection and as a base to promote good adhesion of subsequent coatings.


Primers are used to increase corrosion protection and to create a homogeneous surface and ensure optimum adhesion. They are usually defined by the specification. A primer can be the first layer in a coating system or as a standalone option.

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